My Fur Babies

As you can tell, I am the mother of the two cutest children in the universe. The feline, aka Casper The Cat, is a four year old Siamese cat. The canine, aka Stella, is an 8 month old mixed breed. Both of my babies were rescue animals. So, I definitley encourage to "adopt, don't shop" when it comes to animals! There are so many homeless, loving animals in need of a loving family. I can't imaginge my life without Stella and Casper! I adopted both of my babies from the PAWS Shelter of Central Texas.

Casper is a spoiled boy, who firmly believes that he is the prince of the household (which, I have to say, he's not wrong about). You may think that Casper's number one love in life is me, his caring mother. However, that is not the case. Casper's life centers around his infatuation with kibble. Being a Siamese, when Casper's food bowl isnt filled to his satisfaction, he screams at the top of his lungs until his request is fullfilled. He is relentless, and will not give up. Below, you can find a list of Casper's favorite pleasures in life.

Stella, who is in turn the princess of the household, is a perfect angel sent from above. Being a young puppy, Stella loves to romp around and play with her best friend, Suki. Suki is my roommates dog, and they are the best of pals. Suki likes to encourage Stella to roll around in the dirt of our backyard, and chew up sticks until they left in smithereens. Together they are an unstoppable duo, and are most likely planning world domination. I believe that they could suceed. After all, they posess the top qualities of world leaders.